Rabbit Holes & Art

17 Apr

I went down yet another Rabbit Hole this morning. I’m leaving for a graphic design committee meeting in MINUTES… and I find myself wandering; first from Chris Matthew’s “Hardball” program which featured U.S. Senator Al Simpson (WY). Then I remember that Al’s daughter, Sue, has that FABULOUS gallery in Cody, where I’ve bought many a treasure. Then I start to thinkin’ about some of my favorite artists that have works there… T.A. Lawson, Joel Ostlind, and Tony Hochstetler,,,

The Simpson Gallagher Gallery is truly a wonderful gallery. By far the best in Cody, but really one of my favorites because of the energy it exudes even across the web. If you have the opportunity to visit Yellowstone, or Cody itself, it’s well worth the trip to visit with Sue and Chuck’s amazing representation of art that stands up and, in many MANY cases, surpasses 95% of what you can find in the open market of the genres they represent.

And now, I’m late for my meeting. argh. 😉

…maybe I should have called this blog, “Adventures of the ADSO*”…

*ADSO – Attention Deficit, Shiny Object 

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